Special soft serve and topping at Agua S

Did you ever try sea salt soft serve topped with sweet popcorn, fairy floss ánd a grilled marshmallow?
We don’t think so.

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Say goodbye to suncare lotions

International suncare brand Dr. Skin has launched the Sun Drink, a beverage that promises suncare protection as part of a holistic approach to beauty. Continue Reading →

Mist that you can suck up through a straw?

A food product that is presented in a new and unusual shape and guise: Edible Mist Machine.  Continue Reading →

Wine lovers: pay attention!

An ultrasound way to improve wine quality. Who would have thought? Continue Reading →

Willy Wonka meets Heston Blumenthal in a burlesque bar

Live music, circus performance, culinary art and a nightclub setting are the elements of Fear and Delight, a feast for the senses.

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Dried fruit changes into fresh beverage

Very simple: just add some dried fruit to water and you’ll have a fresh pure Sant beverage. Ain’t that easy?

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Color changing ice cream

Spanish pshysicist and ice cream expert Manual Linares invented an ice cream Xamaléon, ice cream that changes color when you lick it. How cool is that?! Continue Reading →

Enjoy the dark side

The first black mineral water from Canada: BLK. This drink is premium fulvic-enhanced all natural mineral water. Blk gets its color from vulvic trace minerals that contain over 60 other trace minerals.

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Calm, in a cup

How to convey your consumers your product has a calming effect? Ad Agency M&C Saatchi created these calming chamamomile tea bags for tea company BOH. Continue Reading →

Advent calendar for grown-ups

You don’t have to be a kid to like advent calendars. Especially with this Whisky Advent Calendar, by Drinks by the Dram. When it’s cold outside, you could enjoy one of these 24 small fine whiskies.   Continue Reading →