Edible Growth

Grow your little 3D printed garden in about 5 days and enjoy the delicious, fresh and nutrient-rich edible.
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Edible Pavilion

Alex Daxböck and Chris Precht from Penda designed the Austrian pavilion for the Milan
Expo in 2015. As the theme for the expo was “Feeding the planet, energy for life”, they’ve created an edible design, with which they tend to promote the importance of locally grown food. Continue Reading →

Fresh Fruit Containers

These kitchen containers designed by Fabio Molinas create the optimal environment for your fruit and veggies by using the heat output of your refrigerator. The OLTU system, how it is called, not only uses wasted energy from your fridge to achieve this, but because food is now stored in the ideal temperature and humidity, less food will be wasted.

Sharing food photos to share actual food

Feedie is an app that transforms food photos (which are shared online in large numbers) into actual food for disadvantaged children in South Africa. Every time one takes a photo of a meal enjoyed in one of the participating restaurants, the restaurant donates money to the value of one meal to the Lunchbox Fund, who in their turn provide food for hungry children.

Eat your food. Grow a plant. Save a planet.

Creating a disposable food bowl and teaching people about biodegradable packaging in a fun way. That’s the goal design student Michal Marko strives for with his disposable food bowl. The label of the bowl contains seeds and whenever you’re done eating, you just grab the seeds from under the label and put them in the bowl together with some gravel. Continue Reading →

FoodWeLove Box

Less than a year ago the FoodWeLove box was born, and ever since it has been amazingly populair! Intitiator Marleen Basart decided after working some years in Dutch food retail that she wanted to share inspiring stories about good food products and their producers. Marleen believes that storytelling makes good food taste even better, and we think she is right. She travels through the country searching for the most special and tasty products, and is inspired by the passionate stories of the producers. Continue Reading →

MOFAD – museum of food and drink

A very cool project on Kickstarter for a museum of food and drink in New York. We would like to have something like this in the Netherlands!

Who’s in?

Smartphone detects food allergens

A smartphone that can be transformed into a lab with the ability to detect food allergens is the latest in add-on technology from inventor Aydogan Ozcan, an engineering professor at the university of California, Los Angeles. He and his researchers are creating prototypes of these devices that turn the phones into precise lab instruments.

The iTube, Ozcan and his colleagues’ new device, converts smartphones into colorimeters that are able to detect minute amounts of allergens, such as peanuts, in food. It’s designed for use at home or in public, such as at a restaurant, said Ozcan, an engineering professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. Continue Reading →