TOP is the food innovation service provider located in the Netherlands. The core activities of TOP are Food Design (recipes and packaging), Process Development (equipment design and full factory design) and Innovation management.

Currently, TOP counts twenty-five professionals, ranging from process and food technologists to food designers and mechanical engineers. Our mission is to increase the profitability of the food industry by making state-of-the-art know how and creative ideas available, and applicable for the food industry. For us, research and development is not as a goal in itself, but rather a means of improving the innovation process.

TOP works for the food industry and its suppliers. Boosting our partner’s profits and improving food quality is our number one priority. Better quality, a longer shelf life, safer and more nutritious products are the general objectives of our projects. In most cases based on novel and mild technologies like pascalization and AMAP. We apply the latest scientific and technical know-how to achieve these goals. We combine this theoretical framework with good field experience and a large amount of creativity.

TOP’s major expertise is in fresh and minimal processed produce, often chilled, but also ambient stable and frozen. Because we believe that projects can only become successful if the client is actively involved, we work closely together with our customers. TOP has customers worldwide, ranging from local start-ups to large multinationals.

Most of our experience is with small-to-medium enterprises (SME). Our service is fast, professional and reaspnably priced. In order to innovate, we have to work together.