Today’s society is a large collaborative network, in which every organisation is a skilled node serving the other. No organisation is capable of working alone and should find complementary partners to work together with. The future of food is distributed and open.

TOP Food Lab is an open innovation platform, with the objective to invent and develop highly innovative, healthy and sustainable food products. Multiple small and medium size enterprises are combined in an efficient and succesfull collaborative platform, in order to invent and produce novel products. TOP Food Lab is built on four companies:

  1. TOP BV – Private R&D and engineering, specialized in food design, process development and innovatiemanagement.
  2. The Food Agency – Food marketing, strategy and communication; 100% dedications equals 100% skill and experience.
  3. Holland Food Ventures – Business catalyst and investment company with specific focus on high tech start-ups in the field of food production or food equipment design and construction.
  4. TOP innosense – A.o. market insights by use of SenseMaking methods.