The Kickball Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream is fun, we all know that. Making your own ice cream is even better. But did you know you can be making your own ice cream by playing with a ball?

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Blow Dough

As part of Jerusalem Design Week last December, Omer Polak and fellow designer Michal Evyatar created a sort of hybrid bakery-assembly line for his project Blow Dough, using industrial-strength heat guns that reach temperatures of over 1,000°F to inflate and cook hollow balls of flavored dough.

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The fermented vegetables exploration continues!

After months of testing and experimenting with fermented vegetables we are working to a product concept based on Kimchi!

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish popular in Asia but winning ground all over the world. It’s made of cabbage, radish, carrots and spices and has a  real deep and funky but addicting flavor! We’re loving it!

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Melting Ice Cream Time Lapse

Who knew melting ice cream could be so pretty?

Scrambling an egg inside its shell

The first thing we ask ourselves is why? Why would you want to scramble an egg inside its shell? Well.. we don’t know but the Golden Goose can do it! And it is handsomely designed we must say. Will there be a market for these low-tech golden egg producers? Backers on kickstarter think there is, because they raised four times the money they need for the realization!

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Alcohol flavored candies

Candy is for children, right? Well not these ones.. Beer-flavored lollipops, Guinness flavored marshmallows, Draft Beer Jelly Beans, actually everything we can think of has already been done. Check it out!

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When we wander through the internet looking for new trends and cool food stuff we sometimes see a product appearing out of nowhere. Now in the US Sriracha, a Thai/Vietnamese hot sauce is the new thing.

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Craft Beer Spice Rub

Beer and meat go along, we all know that. but what if you could actually spice your piece a meat with a spice rub with actual dried beer? We would like to try!

You would too? Order it on Etsy!


Smart way to prevent from food poisoning

Does it happen to you to store expired food in your fridge? Would you throw it away, or dangerously try to eat it? While our eyes and nose might conclude a cut of meat is safe to eat, some brands use tricky methods, like adding carbon monoxide into beef packaging, to maintain the red color associated with freshness. So, PERES have the answer for you ! This first-of-its-kind handheld device and mobile app provides information about the freshness and quality of meat, poultry, and fish.

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