EAZE is a smoothie which contains about an average of 20% of al the vitamins and minarals a human needs. These nutrients are all from natural ingrediënts, so no artificials.

TOP Food Lab developed this smoothie. First we had to find out what nutrients should be in it, and which fresh ingrediënts we must add to reach the 20% of the daily intake. This was a hard puzzle, especially because this smoothie has to be incredibly tasty and shelf stable for at least 21 days. Finally we managed to succeed and this resulted in a fresh and super healthy smoothie.

Our partner The Food Agency is responsible for the good looking design of the label.

KomOp! cucumber smoothies

The end of spring and the beginnen of the summer of 2011 the Dutch cucumbers were suspected to have the dangerous  Ehec bacteria, resulting in a enormous drop of sales and a pile of cucumbers ready to throw away. TOP b.v. made a statement by processing a part of this cucumber in to smoothies to help the Dutch cucumber growers, and to show that there is nothing dangerous about the Dutch cucumbers. These smoothies were given away on trainstations, marketsquares and at companies througout the country.

TOP Foodlab made the recipe for this smoothie and helped producing a lot of it.

fresh raspberries in a squeezable pouch


Volsmaakt (something like ‘Full Flavor’ in English) is the name of a coöperation between 5 Dutch fruitgrowers and Top Food Lab, and the products resulting from this collaboration.

Top Food Lab developed a line of fruit purees without adding sugar, colorants, flavors and preservatives. They come in strawberry, cherry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry.

The preservation technique pascalisation (high pressure) make these products have a chilled shelflife of 3 weeks. By using this technique instead of heat pasteurisation the flavors and nutrients stay intact, resulting in a flavor similair to fresh.

The production of the volsmaakt fruit purees is located in the factory of our partner Chez Pascal.