Fresh whey

In the production of cheese, residuals called whey arise. This product contains a lot of proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, but isn’t used as an ingredient on a large scale yet. During this labjam, we wanted to make fresh fruit juice combined with whey, to form a healthy beverage. Continue Reading →

Fresh hot sauce

Today from 11 am we start with the labjam about fresh hot sauces. We will keep you
informed on twitter, but also on this website.

Whoever made her/his own sambal or harissa knows it can not be beaten by the heat-pasteurised, packed with preservatives jars you can buy in the grocery shop. Today we are making these international hot sauces fresh, without heat or preservatives.

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Labjam – Cold Brews

Last week we had a great LabJam about cold brews (infusions)

Together with Food Designer, Barista and flavor expert Luite Snijder we made infusions of tea, coffee, cascara, cocoanibs, flowers, herbs and fruits.

We found out that there are multiple chances for natural sugarfree soft drinks, alcohol free aperitifs, digestives and wine like drinks. We tasted suprisingly good flavor combinations!

We developed a smart proposition and branding for these products and we will be working on the flavor development and the brand visualisation later this year.

If you are interested in more information about this subject, contact us. We like to tell you more!

Labjam – Fresh Baby Food

Why is it normal to give babies and toddlers overcooked gunk, while they should be experiencing new flavors and textures in order to develop good taste?

We asked ourselves this question and started developing tasty baby meals with fresh ingredients without overcooking it. We used the technology pascalisation to make the meals shelf stable and safe for this vunerable consumergroup. Take a look at the results!