Sharing food photos to share actual food

Feedie is an app that transforms food photos (which are shared online in large numbers) into actual food for disadvantaged children in South Africa. Every time one takes a photo of a meal enjoyed in one of the participating restaurants, the restaurant donates money to the value of one meal to the Lunchbox Fund, who in their turn provide food for hungry children.

food practice shooter

Assistant professor Takayuki Kosaka created a game that teaches kids to eat (and like) vegetables. In his game carrots, green peppers and tomatoes are bullets, that the player uses to save the city from giant vegetables. When they run out of ammo, they must put down their gun, eat the matching food and smile into a camera placed on the gun (in order to associate eating vegetables with the positive feelings of smiling). Only after performing these steps, the game will resume. Continue Reading →

Prep Pad

The Prep Pad is a digital scale that not only weighs your ingredients, but also provides you with nutritional information about your meals via an iOS app, called Countertop. The app compares your meal with suggested protein, carb and fat levels and it also remembers your previous meals to determine whether you’re having balanced meals. Continue Reading →

a cookbook from which you cannot cook

According to decide whether we will ever be willing to eat meat from the lab, Next Nature thinks we first have to get a little creative and explore this world of in-vitro meat. So in order to provoke this discussion about the future of meat, a cookbook from which you cannot cook was created. Continue Reading →

Too beautiful to eat

These transparent lollypops (called Fruitsiqles) contain soft and fresh fruit and are homemade by the three sisters behind the Lovelies brand. They’ve found a way to save the taste and structural properties of the fruit within the sweets, so that we can now enjoy the freshness of fruit in combination with  Continue Reading →


Have you ever eaten coffee? Or ice cream that doesn’t melt? Now you can. WikiFood serves food with an edible, all natural skin in their WikiBar in Paris. Their WikiPearls are not only good for you, but also good for our planet, since plastic wrappers are eliminated from the food and beverage that’s now packed with these pearls. Continue Reading →


With their Design competition, Electrolux invited students to come up with an idea about appliances in the year 2050. With the theme ‘Social Cooking’ in mind, Suzanne van Beest came up with the BioBoy, half a pet and half a bioreactor. BioBoy communicates with your Continue Reading →


There are a lot of views on how to handle food waste. Main question is: ‘How do we reduce this waste?’. Fashion designer Hoyan Ip has a very good answer to this question. With her project Bio Trimmings, she re-uses wasted food to make Continue Reading →

MOFAD – museum of food and drink

A very cool project on Kickstarter for a museum of food and drink in New York. We would like to have something like this in the Netherlands!

Who’s in?

green herb vinaigrette

At TOP Food Lab we have lots of devices and pilot installations we can use to experiment to infinity. One of these installations sends electrical pulses through liquids killing all the bacterias on their way (PurePulse technology). This way a fresh green herb vinaigrette get’s a shelflife of up to three weeks, without losing flavor and color!

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