How to make a banana split?

These placemats show recipes of how to make your food. Not just by printing the literal recipe on them, but by printing an actual blueprint of your food on them. Continue Reading →

The potential of chopsticks

Japanese designer Nendo decided there are a lot more ways to look at chopsticks. He designed a collection of chopsticks for Hashikura Matsukan, a company known for producing the most beautiful japanese chopsticks. The chopsticks in Nendo’s collection are not only beautiful, but also slightly different from your regular chopstick. Continue Reading →

The beauty of simplicity

A beautiful design, but simplicity in functionality. That’s what Mark Hellweg, designer of the Ratio Coffee Maker aims for. A coffee maker doesn’t need wifi, but needs to make great coffee and preferably look good in your kitchen. Continue Reading →

Extremely expensive ready meal

Charlie Bigham’s serves top quality dishes, in which they put all the love that you would when you would be cooking them youselve. The aim is for couples (that normally can’t find the time to cook and dine together) to have a wonderful night together over an amazing meal. But this meal must be extremely amazing. Continue Reading →

How to make your own forgotten vegetables

On the occasion of our hoax with forgotten vegetables, here the recipes to make your own witches turnip, kidney cabbage or spine pumpkin pickles! Continue Reading →

Hoax with forgotten vegetables draws attention for food waste

Today we introduced our line of pickles made of forgotten vegetables with a tasting as official launch. But… it were not real forgotten vegetables. The attendees at the tasting at first thought they ate forgotten vegetables with the exciting names witches turnip, spine pumpkin and kidney cabbage.

But soon they found out that these vegetables did not exist. In the movie that they got to see after tasting it became clear that ordinary vegetables had been transformed into “forgotten” vegetables…

Also check out our second video, in which we added peoples reactions to the first.
Continue Reading →

New product line with forgotten vegetables

We have some great news for you today! We’ve been developing a product line with three vegetables that got into oblivion. The vegetables involved, are the witches turnip, spine pumpkin and kidney cabbage. Join the launch on the 2nd of December in Utrecht! Continue Reading →

Tasty photographs

Are your instagram photos so cute you could eat them? Now you can. Boomf enables you to print your greatest instagram photos on marshmallows! Continue Reading →

Super fridge

The V-Tex technology beats all of the continuously running refrigerators in retail, restaurants and at home. The project was brought to life to cut the energy expense in refrigerating. Continue Reading →

Colour changing food label

These food labels from Insignia Technologies change colour to indicate whether your food is still fresh, to be used soon or past best. The label starts working immediately after you open your pack. Continue Reading →