The Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

Intermarche, an important supermarket in France launched a major campaign against food waste. Called “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables”, the company has decided to market these foods in a dedicated shelf area. Continue Reading →

Dry-age your own steaks at home

Skip the expensive butchers and stuffy steakhouses : This new device, The Steaklocker, makes the process of dry-aging steaks a reality in the average home.

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fermented vegetables? Your opinion interest us!

Every food expert will tell you that the healthiest foods are usually the freshest. But the latest beneficial food group point the fermented form. These powerhouses boost the good bacteria in your digestive tract and can help heal a multitude of health issues. Continue Reading →

Big Bang Broccoli

It is an alarming trend: people are eating too much salt, sugar and fat and not enough… exactly: Broccoli! Take a look around on our streets, in stations and even at sports events we are surrounded by smart campaigns trying to make us consume a lot of food that isn’t that healthy. And that’s why FoodGuerrilla starts a grassroots campaign, to stick up for the veggies!

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It’s candy! Or not..?

Yes, it’s true what you see! This is No Candy. Because it is just fruit. I saw this passing by on twitter and fell directly for the name that maked me curious and the style of the packaging. The friendly inventor of this brand new brand offered me to send me some samples and more information. A very good reason for us to review product.
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Exploding Spices

Watch this: exploding spices. This wonderful combination of image and sound make that you now know exactly how flavors look and sound. The movie was created by advertising agency Grey London for the new product of Schwartz, Flavor Shots. Each piano tone represents an explosion of flavor filmed with a time lapse camera, which makes it almost surreal! This definitely stimulates your senses. Wait no longer and watch the movie!

Funghi chair

This chair grows funghi on it (!!!). Designer Eric Klarenbeek developed in collaboration with Wageningen University a Mycelium Chair. This chair was printed with living materials. We are impressed by the way of using the 3D printing technique with growing material. The basis of the chair is straw with a thin layer of bio plastic. It is ‘produced’ in a special clean greenhouse. The chair is a metaphor of what can be achieved with new materials and production methods. Continue Reading →

Plant based eggs

With their project ‘Beyond Eggs’ Hampton Creek foods aims to replace eggs in cooking (like making cookies rise and binding mayonnaise ingredients together) with plants, in order to provide a cheaper, healthier and environmental friendlier choice. Continue Reading →

The Wonderbag

This very simple, but very innovative cooking bag should replace your slow cooker. You just have to boil your food for only 5 minutes and put your hot pot in the wonderbag. The bag has an insulated design and therefore keeps your food safely cooking up to 12 hours, without additional energy. Continue Reading →

Sunscreen wine barrels

Ever dreamed of wearing your favourite wine? These sunglasses were made from used wine barrels. The glasses were designed by Woodzee (who already did sunglasses from recycled skateboards as well) and are a fun and creative way to re-use these barrels.