Coffee making alarm clock

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Carry On Cocktail Kit

If you’ve ever been stuck on a plane with screaming babies, lengthy delays or the armrest you need to share with the person sitting next to you, you know the need for a stiff drink. This cocktail kit provides everything you need to make two proper old fashioned cocktails. The only thing you need is the hard stuff. Continue Reading →

Dangerous popsicles

Popsicles shaped as a cactus with spikes or as a dangerous virus? Artist Wei Li developed these treats to provide an alternate sensory experience. We like!

See how its made

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Edible Growth

Grow your little 3D printed garden in about 5 days and enjoy the delicious, fresh and nutrient-rich edible.
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Flavored Fork

You can get your youth dream come true: with this Aromafork even the veggies you don’t like will taste like candy.
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Beer For Breakfast

Maybe people will call you an alcoholic, but who cares?! You’ve got Beer Jelly for breakfast!
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Play with your food

We all know the problem: what to make for dinner tonight? Make a little game of it: use the Foodie Dice!
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Food Huggers against food waste

We all know the problem: you’re following the instructions of a receipt but you just need half an onion, paprika or whatever. What to do with the other half? Just throw it away, or use this reusable food saver.

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