Ghee Easy

Ghee Easy = Traditional Indian Ghee made from the best Dutch butter. Ghee is a form of clarified butter. The butter is boiled so the water evaporates and the proteins denaturate. Due to cooking ghee is more heat-resistant and has a extended shelf life too.

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LabJam vegan cheese

Vegan is going mainstream and is becomming the new vegetarian. Meanwhile more and more people are suffering lactose intolerance and cow milk allergy. So we thought, why not making cheese out of nuts in stead of dairy?

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From scratch meal kits

Cooking a fresh meal in the same time you heat up a pre-cooked meal with the microwave. Not an easy task, but the initiators of Scratch seemed to have suceeded. In 5 till 8 minutes you can cook a fresh meal with their meal kits. And tasty looking meals as well! Chef Michel Roux developed the recipes)

When we saw see the ready meal packagings we wondered why all other ready meals we find in supermarkets look so dull and so unappetizing. Only looking at these ready meals already makes us feel like Rock Stars! The very cool packaging design totally hits the spot.

How about the actual food inside? Well we haven’t tried them because they are only available in some parts of the UK, but if we take a look at the ingrediënts, the first thing we see is that is a short list.. that is a good thing, because it seems they left out the junk we don’t want!

Producers of ready meals, watch this. This is how you should make ready meals. Fresh, Fast and very Cool! We will help you develop them, just let us know, when you have seen the light.

Deep Fried Gadgets

What to do when you have no clue what to do with al the gadgets that you have collected over the years? DEEP FRY IT!

This is what photographer Henry Hargreaves must have thought before making the shoot called “Deep Fried Gadgets”

But what really happens when you deep fry the battery pack in these devices? We still don’t know because Henry confessed that the objects are actually models made from foam core and decorated with images of the actual devices.

But still some pretty cool and (in a weird way) tasty looking photo’s!

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Fresh hot sauce

Today from 11 am we start with the labjam about fresh hot sauces. We will keep you
informed on twitter, but also on this website.

Whoever made her/his own sambal or harissa knows it can not be beaten by the heat-pasteurised, packed with preservatives jars you can buy in the grocery shop. Today we are making these international hot sauces fresh, without heat or preservatives.

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Labjam – Cold Brews

Last week we had a great LabJam about cold brews (infusions)

Together with Food Designer, Barista and flavor expert Luite Snijder we made infusions of tea, coffee, cascara, cocoanibs, flowers, herbs and fruits.

We found out that there are multiple chances for natural sugarfree soft drinks, alcohol free aperitifs, digestives and wine like drinks. We tasted suprisingly good flavor combinations!

We developed a smart proposition and branding for these products and we will be working on the flavor development and the brand visualisation later this year.

If you are interested in more information about this subject, contact us. We like to tell you more!

The Porthole

Great product on Kickstarter about infusing liquids like oil or schnapps…


In the outskirts of Rhoon, the Netherlands the Buijtenkitchen was launched, five projects which investigate the coming years the relationship between landscape and recreation, one of the the Buijtenkeueken. Continue Reading →

Mobile pizza

Del Popolo is a mobile pizzeria committed to creating rustic Neapolitan-inspired pizza using ingredients sourced from small, generational producers.

via: pizza del popolo tipped by @samuellevie

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Labjam – Fresh Baby Food

Why is it normal to give babies and toddlers overcooked gunk, while they should be experiencing new flavors and textures in order to develop good taste?

We asked ourselves this question and started developing tasty baby meals with fresh ingredients without overcooking it. We used the technology pascalisation to make the meals shelf stable and safe for this vunerable consumergroup. Take a look at the results!