Flavored Fork

You can get your youth dream come true: with this Aromafork even the veggies you don’t like will taste like candy.
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Food Huggers against food waste

We all know the problem: you’re following the instructions of a receipt but you just need half an onion, paprika or whatever. What to do with the other half? Just throw it away, or use this reusable food saver.

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The Kickball Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream is fun, we all know that. Making your own ice cream is even better. But did you know you can be making your own ice cream by playing with a ball?

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The fermented vegetables exploration continues!

After months of testing and experimenting with fermented vegetables we are working to a product concept based on Kimchi!

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish popular in Asia but winning ground all over the world. It’s made of cabbage, radish, carrots and spices and has a  real deep and funky but addicting flavor! We’re loving it!

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Dry-age your own steaks at home

Skip the expensive butchers and stuffy steakhouses : This new device, The Steaklocker, makes the process of dry-aging steaks a reality in the average home.

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Plant based eggs

With their project ‘Beyond Eggs’ Hampton Creek foods aims to replace eggs in cooking (like making cookies rise and binding mayonnaise ingredients together) with plants, in order to provide a cheaper, healthier and environmental friendlier choice. Continue Reading →

Extremely expensive ready meal

Charlie Bigham’s serves top quality dishes, in which they put all the love that you would when you would be cooking them youselve. The aim is for couples (that normally can’t find the time to cook and dine together) to have a wonderful night together over an amazing meal. But this meal must be extremely amazing. Continue Reading →

Live Labjam @Rotterdam

This week we performed in a live jamsession at the ‘Gastvrij Rotterdam’ fair. We made nine different tasty products/dishes made of the best ingredients of the Netherlands. http://www.nieuwvers.nu/

In this post an impression and an overview of the products we made.

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a cookbook from which you cannot cook

According to decide whether we will ever be willing to eat meat from the lab, Next Nature thinks we first have to get a little creative and explore this world of in-vitro meat. So in order to provoke this discussion about the future of meat, a cookbook from which you cannot cook was created. Continue Reading →