New product line with forgotten vegetables

We have some great news for you today! We’ve been developing a product line with three vegetables that got into oblivion. The vegetables involved, are the witches turnip, spine pumpkin and kidney cabbage. Join the launch on the 2nd of December in Utrecht! Continue Reading →

Coconut nests for food

These food shells are made of ‘Botiá’, a new material that represents a mix between manioc flour and wasted coconut husks, in order to limit wastage. The material is low-cost, easy to mould and it can be buried in the ground afterwards. Continue Reading →

Colour changing food label

These food labels from Insignia Technologies change colour to indicate whether your food is still fresh, to be used soon or past best. The label starts working immediately after you open your pack. Continue Reading →

Espresso Hack

Three students from the RMIT University in Melbourne created an open source espresso machine. The machine can easily be opened and customized by the user, by removing the panels on the outside of the machine. Continue Reading →

Edible Pavilion

Alex Daxböck and Chris Precht from Penda designed the Austrian pavilion for the Milan
Expo in 2015. As the theme for the expo was “Feeding the planet, energy for life”, they’ve created an edible design, with which they tend to promote the importance of locally grown food. Continue Reading →

In-vitro meat flower

The Meat Flower is illustrative for the diminishing of borders between ‘meat’ and ‘vegetarian’ due to emerging technology: although the cultured meat is grown from animal cells, no animals are hurt and injured in the process.
Continue Reading →


Artists Miriam Simun and Miriam Songster developed a device that mimics the act of eating. They created the device to let people imagine how it would feel when certain types of food can’t be produced anymore because of environmental disaster. Continue Reading →

Rotting fruit market

At the Adelaide festival of ideas in Australia, there was a fruit market filled with rotting fruits and vegetables. During the festival, the market was left untended and people could watch the rotting fruit true the windows. Continue Reading →

Fresh Fruit Containers

These kitchen containers designed by Fabio Molinas create the optimal environment for your fruit and veggies by using the heat output of your refrigerator. The OLTU system, how it is called, not only uses wasted energy from your fridge to achieve this, but because food is now stored in the ideal temperature and humidity, less food will be wasted.

food practice shooter

Assistant professor Takayuki Kosaka created a game that teaches kids to eat (and like) vegetables. In his game carrots, green peppers and tomatoes are bullets, that the player uses to save the city from giant vegetables. When they run out of ammo, they must put down their gun, eat the matching food and smile into a camera placed on the gun (in order to associate eating vegetables with the positive feelings of smiling). Only after performing these steps, the game will resume. Continue Reading →