The Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

Intermarche, an important supermarket in France launched a major campaign against food waste. Called “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables”, the company has decided to market these foods in a dedicated shelf area. Continue Reading →

fermented vegetables? Your opinion interest us!

Every food expert will tell you that the healthiest foods are usually the freshest. But the latest beneficial food group point the fermented form. These powerhouses boost the good bacteria in your digestive tract and can help heal a multitude of health issues. Continue Reading →

A Veggie Vendingmachine

Our biggest frustration is the boring selection of unhealthy food in vending machines you’ll find in public places. Candy bars bursting from sugar and fat, too salty potato chips, and dry flavorless cookies is not what you need when you are looking for a quick snack. And most of time your hunger is back in less than an hour. But now there is this Farmer’s Fridge in Chicago, and it’s a huge succes! Offering daily fresh made salads in attractive jars. Continue Reading →

Plant based eggs

With their project ‘Beyond Eggs’ Hampton Creek foods aims to replace eggs in cooking (like making cookies rise and binding mayonnaise ingredients together) with plants, in order to provide a cheaper, healthier and environmental friendlier choice. Continue Reading →

The Wonderbag

This very simple, but very innovative cooking bag should replace your slow cooker. You just have to boil your food for only 5 minutes and put your hot pot in the wonderbag. The bag has an insulated design and therefore keeps your food safely cooking up to 12 hours, without additional energy. Continue Reading →

How to make a banana split?

These placemats show recipes of how to make your food. Not just by printing the literal recipe on them, but by printing an actual blueprint of your food on them. Continue Reading →

The potential of chopsticks

Japanese designer Nendo decided there are a lot more ways to look at chopsticks. He designed a collection of chopsticks for Hashikura Matsukan, a company known for producing the most beautiful japanese chopsticks. The chopsticks in Nendo’s collection are not only beautiful, but also slightly different from your regular chopstick. Continue Reading →

The beauty of simplicity

A beautiful design, but simplicity in functionality. That’s what Mark Hellweg, designer of the Ratio Coffee Maker aims for. A coffee maker doesn’t need wifi, but needs to make great coffee and preferably look good in your kitchen. Continue Reading →

Designer rolling pins

Make edible dishes with these rolling pins with beautifully textures. This set of rolling pins with laser cut shapes lets you roll out and make edible dishware. No need to throw them away, just make it part of your dish and it when your done.
Continue Reading →

How to make your own forgotten vegetables

On the occasion of our hoax with forgotten vegetables, here the recipes to make your own witches turnip, kidney cabbage or spine pumpkin pickles! Continue Reading →