Dry-age your own steaks at home

Posted on 17/06/2014 by Nick van Lanen

Skip the expensive butchers and stuffy steakhouses : This new device, The Steaklocker, makes the process of dry-aging steaks a reality in the average home.

This innovative fridge is the world’s first at-home appliance that properly dry-ages beef. Nadia Bruno, Steaklocker founder, insists that dry-aging is the only way to go when it comes to great steaks.

Dry-aging involves hanging meat or placing it on a rack to dry for several weeks. Dry-aging evaporates the moisture from the muscle and concentrating the flavor. This process is generally expensive, as the beef shrinks in weight. Furthermore, only high-quality meats should be dry-aged because the process requires meat with a large, evenly distributed fat content. By bringing the dry-aging process home, the users would save at least 50 to 70% on  current dry age steak price that you can buy in butcher shops, with an equal meat quality.

This modern Steaklocker has a smartphone app that provides instant feedback regarding the temperature and humidity of the fridge at any given time. The sensors in this fridge are connected via Bluetooth with a smartphone, giving consumers accurate data regarding their meat.

You can order the Steaklocker on their official website for 999$ !