Big Bang Broccoli

Posted on 13/05/2014 by Nick van Lanen

It is an alarming trend: people are eating too much salt, sugar and fat and not enough… exactly: Broccoli! Take a look around on our streets, in stations and even at sports events we are surrounded by smart campaigns trying to make us consume a lot of food that isn’t that healthy. And that’s why FoodGuerrilla starts a grassroots campaign, to stick up for the veggies!

Nobody seems to care about fruit and vegetables. But exactly these products do what others claim. They make you happy, sexy and all that! But we did not want to start a boring campaign telling people to eat more greens. We want to make you crave for your next shot of broccoli. FoodGuerrilla doensn’t have the recources to hire hot models to stare at you from busses and buildings. We can’t ambush you on every corner and raid your livingroom in each advertising block. But we damn sure will try! With your help, those of broccoligrowers, creatives, marketeers and chefs we will turn broccoli into the most wanted veggie of The Netherlands.

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