Moyee Coffee on TEDxBinnenhof!

Posted on 11/03/2014 by Nick van Lanen

The first product we would like to introduce to you is Moyee Coffee. Visitors of TEDxBinnenhof will enjoy their radically good coffee on 31 march!


We from Moyee Coffee are launching the world’s first FairChain coffee. Call it FairTrade 2.0, call it Clooney-free coffee, but FairChain is a revolution that is going to radically improve the lives of the men and women who grow your coffee.

Roasting in the country where the coffee is grown is the driving spirit of FairChain. Roasting locally keeps profits local, which is precisely why Big Coffee doesn’t do it. It’s why we do. We are donating all our profits to complete the FairChain. This means we are finalizing our local roasting plant in Ethiopia, but also gathering more coffee Believers like yourself.

So, we’re turning to you –and all other aware souls- to help us out and buy a pack (or more) of our radically good coffee. Let’s write history together.

Also Check out their website!

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