Hoax with forgotten vegetables draws attention for food waste

Posted on 02/12/2013 by Nick van Lanen

Today we introduced our line of pickles made of forgotten vegetables with a tasting as official launch. But… it were not real forgotten vegetables. The attendees at the tasting at first thought they ate forgotten vegetables with the exciting names witches turnip, spine pumpkin and kidney cabbage.

But soon they found out that these vegetables did not exist. In the movie that they got to see after tasting it became clear that ordinary vegetables had been transformed into “forgotten” vegetables…

Also check out our second video, in which we added peoples reactions to the first.

Read the official press release here (in Dutch): Persbericht: hoax vergeten groenten vraagt aandacht voor verspilling

With this hoax we want to draw attention to the fact that so much food is wasted over the entire food chain. Making tasty and safe products out of waste streams emphasizes the fact that it is not necessary to throw away fruit and vegetables.

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