Fresh fruit snack

Posted on 04/09/2013 by Nick van Lanen

To increase fruit consumption among kids, we decided to do a labjam about a fresh fruit snack, at which joy and convenience are central. There already are a lot of snacks and desserts which contain fruit, but in the most cases the fruit was heated and often only a flavoring is used. Our fruit snack has to offer a good and healthy alternative for cookies and candy.Technological, the product is feasible. However, points of attention are the appearance and structure of the product. The product should not be positioned as snack, but as a Red Bull like thing. Kids are not only buying it because of its taste, but being seen with it plays a way bigger role.

freshfruitsnack07 freshfruitsnack06 freshfruitsnack05 freshfruitsnack04 freshfruitsnack03 freshfruitsnack02