Nourishmat – Urban Farming

Posted on 25/07/2013 by Nick van Lanen

We love food, we want it fresh and we love watching our food growing…

This is an easy and nice Kickstarter initiative to simplify Urban Farming tje Nourishmat.

The Nourishmat was designed using the square foot method, which is a great introductory method for both new and experienced gardeners. The package includes pre-planted seedballs that reduce the need for tilling, thus leaving the biological make up the soil intact and undisturbed.

Nourishmat gardens come with or without irrigation. Link up a hose to the built-in irrigation and turn on the water. You can use a hose timer or manually turn the hose on for 10-15 minutes per day depending on weather conditions making sure that all of the seedballs get watered.

Planting Schedule
Nourishmat Gardens come with a planting guide that tells you where and when to plant your seedballs.

Earth Starter developed both the formula and equipment to make seedballs that work. The mixture includes earthworm casting, a natural fertilizer that is especially good for land that hasn’t been cultivated in a while.

via: Nourishmat 
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