All Natural Sport Drinks

Posted on 26/07/2013 by Nick van Lanen

In a earlier post we made an announcement for a LabJam about Sport Nutrition. Here we said: Sporting in this heath is a real challenge for the body. Sports drinks are refreshing help to regenerate the body before, during and after. But why are all the sports drinks full of glucose and fructose and chemical flavors, colors and  functional ingredients? We are sure that natural ingredients can give the same effect.

And so we did. We have made two types of sport drinks; one for energy recovery, and one for rehydration.

The energy recovery drinks (the two on the right of the pic) are not based on sugars, but on high proteins and high in medium chain fatty acids. (Fats that are absorbed in your blood relatively fast) They are supose to recover your muscles by a high content of dairy proteins and recover your energy level with the fats. This way, no bloodsugar and insulin peak is created, which we think is better for your health.

The rehydration drink is a hypotonic drink based on only water and fresh clarified fruit juice. Hypotonic means that the water is absorbed very well in your body, giving you a faster rehydration. The drink has a very low calorie level, and is a real thirst quencher. What we liked the most is the refreshing taste of the watermelon drink. A real treat after a long run in the sun!