Vegetable powder

Posted on 19/12/2012 by Nick van Lanen

In the processing of fruit and vegetables, residuals like trimmings and pulp arise. The Vezelfabriek processes these residuals to dried powders which are full of fibers and other nutrients. By enriching products with these powders, their nutritional values could be increased. This labjam was executed in the occasion to create potential applications of these powders.The enriched products in this labjam are products like snacks, tortellini’s, meat substitutes and crisps. We proved that vegetable powders can be used to enrich food products. Making crisps from (almost) 100% vegetables offered a great perspective, so we used this product as example.
The product ‘vegetable powder’ itself however, can very well be used to fill a product portfolio with the powder as main ingredient.

vegetablepowder06 vegetablepowder05 vegetablepowder04 vegetablepowder03 vegetablepowder02 vegetablepowder01