Vegetable pills

Posted on 30/10/2012 by Eral

WHOLE, RAW and ALL NATURAL vegetable supplementation for everyday use. This product was developed by TOPFoodLab and was handed out at the Food Valley EXPO 2012 at the Dutch National Sports Centre Papendal.

We are proud to announce that Smartness From Nature took this concept to the market in the beginning of 2014.

Despite the abundance of food, it seems difficult for a large part of the Western population to consume the recommended 200 grams of vegetables per day. For these people we have a solution: Vegetable pills. Twelve of these capsules represent 200 grams of vegetables, full of vitamins, minerals, fytonutrients, fibres, ánd present in their natural matrix.

The capsules are filled with mildly dried vegetable pulp, that remains from the production of vegetable juices. By drying with a sustainable and mild drying technology (LikeFresh), most nutrients in the vegetables are preserved.