Too Good To Waste

Posted on 28/08/2012 by Nick van Lanen

A lot of food is thrown away every year. 30-50% of the food we produce in the Netherlands ends up as waste. Everyone agrees this is not a ideal situation, but what to do about it?

“We love food… and hate waste” is what a group of young food professionals of the initiative Too Good To Waste tell us. This talented food lovers works on reducing food waste with concrete and creative solutions.

Earlier this year Too Good To Waste won the Battle of the Cheetas, a contest for teams of young professionals to tackle common problems like food waste. They show us now, that it’s not just talking, but they actually get things done!

This afternoon they are presenting their first Too Good To Waste product on the event ‘De Floriade’ in Venlo. It is a gazpacho (Spanish cold soup) made of tomato’s that would have been waste.

We are also a little proud because Top Food Lab created the recipe for this gazpacho, and helped the Too Good To Waste team with the professional production.

Coming weeks these food waste heroes give away gazpacho on different locations in the Netherlands. Check on their website to find out where.