Calm, in a cup

How to convey your consumers your product has a calming effect? Ad Agency M&C Saatchi created these calming chamamomile tea bags for tea company BOH. Continue Reading →

Advent calendar for grown-ups

You don’t have to be a kid to like advent calendars. Especially with this Whisky Advent Calendar, by Drinks by the Dram. When it’s cold outside, you could enjoy one of these 24 small fine whiskies.   Continue Reading →

Coffee making alarm clock

Not feeling like making coffee in the morning? This coffee making alarm clock will help you. Continue Reading →

Carry On Cocktail Kit

If you’ve ever been stuck on a plane with screaming babies, lengthy delays or the armrest you need to share with the person sitting next to you, you know the need for a stiff drink. This cocktail kit provides everything you need to make two proper old fashioned cocktails. The only thing you need is the hard stuff. Continue Reading →

Dangerous popsicles

Popsicles shaped as a cactus with spikes or as a dangerous virus? Artist Wei Li developed these treats to provide an alternate sensory experience. We like!

See how its made

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Edible Growth

Grow your little 3D printed garden in about 5 days and enjoy the delicious, fresh and nutrient-rich edible.
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Flavored Fork

You can get your youth dream come true: with this Aromafork even the veggies you don’t like will taste like candy.
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Beer For Breakfast

Maybe people will call you an alcoholic, but who cares?! You’ve got Beer Jelly for breakfast!
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